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Cuteness Overload

I couldn’t resist sharing. This totally made my day.



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View from my kitchen window

Ramona's favorite spot

This was the view from the window over my sink yesterday. The weather was gorgeous! Today, not so much.

Our housewarming party on Saturday was a huge success. Luckily it did not rain, but it was cloudy most of the day. We should have had the party yesterday when it was all sunny and warm. Although people generally don’t have parties on Mondays.

This was the first party where we hired caterers, and I am SO glad we did, because I would have been a lot more stressed about feeding so many people otherwise. As it was, I got to relax and hang out with my friends and play with babies. All we needed to do was provide beverages.

We said 2pm on the invitation, but the first guests didn’t arrive till almost 3pm. Most people with kids left around 5-ish. Then the last non-Colombian left at 8pm. The Colombians stayed till 1am! I can be pretty outgoing when it suits me, but I was seriously done being social by 8pm. They discovered the karaoke machine and sang Latin songs from the 80s all night. AJ was loving every minute… he has really missed being around other Colombians and speaking Spanish. He recently met this group of people through one of his Colombian friends and they all get together almost every weekend. It’s been nice for him because usually we hang out with my friends who are mostly Asian.

So, yeah, the party is done. We’re officially back in LA!


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Party Time!

Do you all think we are ready? The party starts in one hour!


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