Boys will be boys

Despite acting like he doesn’t understand what we say, Gege has a very good sense of what is allowed and what isn’t, and more or less follows our household rules.

So because that’s what he learned at school, for a long time Gege thought that he had to sit on the potty to do all his potty business. But one day, we were at a playground and he suddenly started grabbing at his crotch. I asked if he needed to pee and he nodded. We were in our little community playground, and there was no public restroom, and home was a 3-4 minute walk. Since there was no one else around, I quickly decided that he could pee on a nearby tree.

I cannot even describe the look of wonder that appeared on Gege’s face as soon as the pee hit the tree. He completely lit up and got a HUUUGE smile on his face. I didn’t know it then, but I had created a monster.

It started off small, at first. The next day he came home from school and wanted to pee on a bush in our yard. Thinking nothing of it, I let him. But then he wanted to pee there again the next day. And the next day. And the next. He started to get creative and would wave the stream around, in circles, in a straight line, up and down. It got to the point where he would only pee outside. And he would be SO HAPPY doing it. Luckily we have high fences around both the front and back yards. Once in a while I can get him to pee in the potty still, especially when it’s dark outside. And thank goodness he only does poop in the potty.

It just cracks me up because he is such a boy.



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2 responses to “Boys will be boys

  1. you are a total trooper to let him. I would be freaking out and insisting he get back to the potty!

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