Last night I had a dream about my old consulting days, when my career was just starting. It was during the dot-com boom, and I was young and the world was my oyster. I worked with dozens of young, single people like me. We were always on out of town projects so we lived in the same apartments or hotels, worked all day together, and partied all night together. Every person should have such an experience in their youth. I woke up with such a longing for those old days that my chest ached.

As I cuddled with Gege (who had snuck into bed with us at 5am), half-asleep still, I started composing the blog post I would write about my dream and how much life has changed since then. Then I turned on my phone and went to Google Reader and found a blog post that said what I wanted so say, but SO much more eloquently than I ever could. Although he’s talking about bouncing and I’m talking about consulting, the feeling that I am getting out of this post is the same. He’s seriously one of the best writers blogging out there. Check it out here.


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  1. I checked out the post you linked to, and can relate. It’s funny, I remember the bouncers. I even dated one….yup. They really do have a little world of their own, an exclusive club inside the club. If you’re “with” one, you’re in too.

    I get to go to the bar from time to time now, as a mom to the lead guitarist in a rock band. It’s true, you can never go back. Oh there’s the odd time when I’ll go out with my son to check out a band I used to see back in the day, a band getting together again for old time sake and it’s those times when I’m one of the younger people in the crowd instead of the oldest that I can almost feel it again.

    I definitely “feel” it in the morning …

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