all for one and one for all

In any story I hear where there is some sort of conflict between a man and a woman, I will almost always side with the woman. The woman has to be completely devoid of humanity before I will side with the man. I am sure many women are the same way, but I know there are also women who will automatically side with the man. This annoys the crap out of me.

I work with a bunch of consultants, and one of them travels from Chicago every Monday through Thursday. He has a 6 month old son. His wife also works, at some high powered corporate job and makes more than him. Since the baby is not yet sleeping through the night, the wife often calls my coworker at 2 in the morning to bitch to him not being there to help her with the baby.

I TOTALLY get this. I get the impulse to do this. I might do the same thing if AJ travelled that much. Fucker wants to travel and be gone every week? Fine, but he’ll suffer if I have to. So this morning when my coworker walked into the project room and started complaining about it again, I was all over his wife’s side.

But my other coworker, a woman in her early 40s, was not. She said she “didn’t get it” and said all righteously that she would NEVER do something like that. She has a 10-month old baby, and I know she always lets her boyfriend sleep through the night and handles the baby herself. Her boyfriend never travels for work, either. She also seems to disapprove of the fact that my coworker’s wife makes him watch the baby on Saturdays while she goes out shopping or gets a massage. Come on, he’s been gone all week, it’s the least he can do.

I’ve noticed this coworker never sides with any woman in any story. I can’t tell if she REALLY doesn’t get it, or if she just wants to seem like she is a cool and laid back woman. It’s super annoying. We get it, you’re laid back. Now show your sisters some love.


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    Love your blog! Keep writing.

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